Need a Break from Office Interruptions?
Show your status with the
Illumin Active Light

Use It Anywhere

The Illumin Busy Light is easy to use, whether you work from home or in the office.

Indicate your availability

Minimize unnecessary interruptions by signaling
to colleagues when you’re on a call, busy with
a deadline, or available to chat.

Show Your Status

Adjust your light to glow red, green, or white.

Select Your Style & Show Your Brand

Choose from siren, pillar, or beam options.
Get full color imprint or “subsurface” laser engraving with
the acrylic pillar style light.

Charge It Easily USB Powered

The USB-powered light is easy to connect and charge.

Additional Mounting

Cubicle mount - optional U-clip to mount on cubicle
partition wall Desk tripod - built-in tripod screw hole
for use with desk tripod
(Mounting options are not included, available for purchase.) Mounting accessories not included with product.



Height - 3.75 in (including base and light tube) 

Tube width - 1.625 in dia. 

Base width - 2.375 in dia. 

Base height - 1 in 

Imprint: 3.75 x 3.5 in
Color: White

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