New! iPack Tech Organizer

Sustainable Organizer for Your Essentials

A lightweight and secure bag for work, travel, and your daily activities

Simplistic Idea,
Sophisticated Design

iPack’s net holder is built with an elastic band for quick access. A Casing with a zipper case bag and pocket.

Mobility and Sturdy

Mesh net pocket for additional storage.
Elastic strap made to keep your essentials organized!

Trendy in Style

A fashionable design for any profession!


Color: Black, Red or Blue Band
Dimensions: 6” x 9” or 5” x 7”
Imprint: 3” x 2”
iPack Elite Bundle: iPack Case 6 x9, Power Bar L5000,
Silly Band 3-in-1 Cable, Cube Dual Wall Charger
iPack Executive Bundle: iPack Case 6 x9, iMojo Qi 5000,
Silly Band 3-in-1 Cable, Cube Dual Wall Charger,
i9s Earbud, STW104 Reusable Folding Straw

Call to Order Your Sample

iPack Case $9.47 (C/R) for 100 pcs
iPack Elite Bundle $22.18 (C/R) for 50 pcs
iPack Executive Bundle $52.62 (C/R) for 50 pcs