Sonic Air Cooling Bladeless Portable Fan

An attractive summer personal gadget for indoor,
outdoor, sports events, camping, or
as a portable hair dryer

Safe Bladeless Design

Innovative bladeless & minimalist design gives off
3-speed strong airflow without fast-spinning
blades, safe for kids or pets and easy to wipe
clean. Don’t need to worry about the potential
risk of the blades anymore.

3 Adjustable Wind Speeds

This little personal fan features an latest powerful brushless
motor, it absorbs wind from 360° and makes perfect use of
the fluidity of the air. Just switch the 3 speeds by pressing
the power button repeatedly.


Only 4.3 oz, could be recharged by all USB-enabled devices like car charger, laptop.
Especially suitable for summer travel or outdoor sports, just put it into your backpack
or throw it into your car, you can carry it everywhere you go.


Dimensions: 8.7 x 3.03 x 2.6 in
Imprint: 1 X 1 in
Color: Black, White, Tiffany

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