i7s - Wireless Earbud

Polished Touch, Vibrant Sound

The new i7s built with refined sound
and packaging that suits everyone

A Clear Message

With the high definition quality of these
earphones, it makes it easy to be the perfect
gift for everyone. It is wireless and hassle
free, guaranteed.

High quality sound makes i7s a perfect gift

Worry Free Zone

These earphones come with a sleek and tight casing
that makes it easy to bring around or carry with you.
Easy to carry case that charges i7s when not in use

Pick Your Color

Available in various colors to match your
brand or style.


Color: White case, earbuds available in White, black, pink, gold, red
Dimension: 2.85 x 1 x 2.17”
Imprint: On case 1 x 1”

Call to Order Your Sample

$11.11 (C/R) for 50 pieces