About Us

Promotional Product With a "Cool" Factor

USB flash drives have become a staple of data storage for businesses and consumers. Once, it was good enough just to have a few gigs of capacity in your pocket, purse or on your keychain. Now, people want their promotional gifts to look as good as their smart phones, and personal accessories; they want a "cool" factor; something fashionable to spice up the function of the gadgets.

"Turn regular into remarkable."

The fact is, carrying around breathtaking electronic gadgets for the corporate gifts, customers demand a gift that is as exciting as their brand.

That's where Idol Memory comes in. As far as we're concerned, the "U" in "USB" stands for "unique." Whether you need USB flash drives, Cloud business card, Bluetooth gadgets, portable chargers, fitness band, wearable personal devices, audio devices, or even a custom solution, Idol Memory is here to turn "regular" into remarkable. Founded in 2010, with nearly a decade of product design, manufacturing, and marketing services, Idol Memory has successfully helped distributors and companies in their marketing effort.

Stand out with a gift or promotional premium that is as cool as it is useful. See what we have to offer and contact us for a quote. Click here to see Idol Partner distributor program. We are committed to providing the best pricing available (reseller pricing available to ASI, SAGE, PPAI, and Distributor Central members).

Contact us: at +1-(855) 688-8999 or info@idolmemory.com
USA Office: 11801 Pierce St, Suite 200, Riverside CA 92505 USA