Water Bottle & Wireless Speaker
Refresh and Rock On

It might be the size of a paperweight, but the
Ohm packs golden sound—with or without an
external source., yet heavy on function.

Perfect for Sports!
Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Whether you’re biking or hiking, AQUA’s quality speaker
provides smooth sound for music and hands-free
phone calls.

Plays As Long As You Do

With a long 6-8-hour play time, AQUA keeps the soundtrack
going to your longest workouts.
Also functions as an emergency charger!

Rugged and Waterproof

Get caught in a rain storm? No worries.
The speaker’s waterproof IPX 67 rating
means it’s protected from splashes
and puddle drops.

Serious Thirst Quencher

The 400-ml water bottle is made with food-grade
plastic for healthy hydration.