The Galaxy Electronic LCD Tablet

A Convenient and Reusable Drawing Board
for the Office, School, or Work!

Enhance and Create

Control the thickness of the pen by pushing harder for a
thicker line, and lightly draw for a thin line!

Adjust Pen Function

Customize your pen tip and improve your Galaxy tablet
creative experience. Produce any line that you like!

Key Comfort

With this environmentally friendly and reusable doodle board, you can draw creatively
and write notes without wasting paper. With an LCD Screen with no glare, it can be
used for hours. A green writing tool that is better for your eyes!

Reliable and Practical

The Galaxy can be used at home, school or
in the office! Use it for event reminders and daily
reminders for a productive lifestyle!

Efficient and Quick

A vital business tool in the office! Take notes and
draft ideas for new plans and marketing ideas!


8.5" Screen
Dimension: 8.5 x 5.75 x 0.2 (in)
Color: Peach, Black, Blue, Aqua Blue, Red
Pen Color: Green (Eye Protection)
Imprint: 2 x 1 (in)

10" Screen
Dimension: 10 x 6.5 x 0.25 (in)
Color: Blue, Pink, Custom Color with larger order
Pen Color: Green (Eye Protection)
Imprint: 2 x 1 (in)

Call to Order

8.5" $15.56 /ea MOQ 50 pcs 10" $18.58 /ea MOQ 50 pcs