TAP into the future of
[iBiz] Wireless Business Card

Available only at Idol Memory, this innovative, compact business card delivers content to your customers’ smartphones wirelessly. It’s the smartest way to make an impression on today’s tech-savvy consumers.

[ TAP ] Into Wireless Technology

To access content, recipients simply tap the card
with their wireless (NFC)enabled smartphones. It’s that
simple. And wireless functionality removes
the need for a USB port or
QR code scan.

Deliver Instant Access to Your Latest Content

Users can view a YouTube video, visit a website, dial a contact number,
open and save contact information to their phones,
connect to social media and receive personalized messages.

Update and Host Content
with Built-in Cloud Storage

The wireless iBiz uses the same cloud technology as Idol Memory’s exclusive, highly popular iBiz Cloud business card.

Attract Attention with
Color Imprinting

What’s on the outside matters too,
so you’ll have plenty of space to
advertise your brand in full color.
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