iBiz Cloud Business Card

Beyond a Business Card.
Better Than a Flash Drive.

The Business Card that
Communicates Their Story

Cloud Technology

What happens when you combine the capacity of Cloud technology with the handiness of a business card? You get Idol Memory’s iBiz Cloud business card, a versatile marketing tool that gives insight into customer activities and better brand awareness.

Access Cloud Business Card Anywhere

Work on any PC or recipients will
scan a QR code
to get instant access to information
from a computer or smartphone.
  • Increase storage

    Because data resides in the Cloud instead of a USB Flash drive, they’ll never run out of storage.
  • Update content

    Add or remove content anytime to remain relevant. Access online tool 24/7.

Analyze usage

Cloud reporting tools provide access to user data, including demographics, unique user counts and data view reports.
Offer your customers a way to tell their story and track their success.
Offer Idol Memory’s true plug-and-play iBiz Cloud business card today.