Product Support - iMove Plus

iMove Plus- Fitness Wristband

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  • How does iMove Plus work?

    A: iMove Plus fitness wristband tracks your steps, time and distance of your activity, then convert it to calories burned. iMove uses 3-axis MEMS sensor to monitor and analyze your movement. Additionally, iMove Plus keeps track of the floor climbed by using the air pressure sensor.
  • How does the sleep monitor work?

    A: When iMove Plus detects less the movement is less than normal activity, it will enter into sleep monitoring mode. It monitors the quality of sleep by measuring your movement during sleep. Click here to watch quick video instruction.
  • How to read activity data on iMove Plus?

    A: iMove Plus show real-time activity informatiion on the screen. The data includes current time, steps taken, calories burned, floor climbed, activity time, battery stataus, and next alarm time. To toggle between each data screen, simply touch the round sensor on the bottom of the screen.
  • How to connect iMove Plus and download activity history?

    A: iMove records your activity data in the wristband until it is downloaded to your smart device such as smartphone or tablet PC.. After download and install the iMove Plus App, open iMove App then open Setting to setup your personal profile. Your personal profile will help iMove to accurately determine your calorie burn based on your height, weight and age. Use the New device function to pair iMove Plus with your device. A 4 digit pin number will appear on iMove Plus. Enter the 4 digits to connect your iMove. Once iMove Plus is connected, it automatically downloads activity data when you open the iMove Plus App. Once you synchronize the data from iMove to your smart device, the data on iMove will reset.
  • Do I need to pair iMove using Bluetooth setting on my smart device

    A: Once you are set up your iMove Plus as a "New Device" on iMove Plus app, you don't need to pair iMove using Bluetooth setting on your smart deivce. The iMove Plus App will connect to your iMove when the App is opened. If you cannot connect iMove Plus to your smart device, repeat the New device setting in Setting. When you reconnect the iMove Plus as a new device, existing data will be erased.
  • How long can the battery last on iMove?

    A: Under normal daily activity, iMove Plus can last between 5 to 6 days. If you have an activ life or exercise on daily basis, the battery usage will be higher. The average charging time for iMove Plus is two (2) hours.