3-in-1 LED Logo Cable

Carry Your Glowing Brand with you

Showcases Your Brand

Showcases your brand with ample logo space and colorful
LED lights in red, green, blue and white LED colors .

3-in-1 Portable Cable

Delivers fast 15W throughout for every
device in one compact container.

Shed a Little Light on Your Brand

Give the Illumin 3-in-1 LED cable with round top

Give Some Glow to Your Logo

Choose the Illumin 3-in-1 LED cable
with acrylic top

Eexpand Your Reach

Offer the Illumin 3-in-1 LED
with extended 30-foot cable


Imprint: 1 x 2 in.
Dimension:3.375 x 2.375 x 0.25 in.
Color: Black/Blue, Black/Red, Black/Silver, Red  

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