Merch Savvy Rewards Program

Dear Valued Distributors

We are thrilled to introduce our latest initiative aimed at enhancing your experience with us – the Idol Memory Merch Savvy Rewards (MSR) Program! As a gesture of gratitude for your continued support and partnership, we have designed this program to offer you fantastic incentives on your frequent purchases from Idol Memory. 

How the MSR Program Works: 

Earn Rebates with Every Purchase: Enjoy a 3% rebate on every fully paid order (excluding shipping and tariff costs). Watch your rewards grow with each transaction! 

Transparent Tracking: Your rebates will be meticulously recorded in your dedicated company account hosted by Idol Memory. These records will be reported quarterly, providing you with a clear overview of your available and pending rebates. 

Seamless Redemption: Once your rebates are available, after a waiting period of 3 months from the order delivery date, you can apply them towards your new purchases. It's a simple way to save on your future orders! 

Exclusively for Future Purchases: While the rebates are non-redeemable as cash, they are a powerful tool to offset costs of your upcoming orders from Idol Memory. Your loyalty is truly rewarded through seamless savings. 

Inclusivity: We welcome all eligible distributors to participate in this Merch Savvy Reward Program. 

Stay Informed: To ensure you never miss out on exciting deals and product announcements, we kindly ask you to follow Idol Memory on Facebook and Instagram upon activation of your MSR program. Be the first to know about new opportunities to elevate your business!


Current Customers: If your orders from Idol Memory have totaled $20,000 or more within the trailing 12 months (T12), you are automatically eligible for the MSR Program. There are no additional annual fees for you to join! We simply need your approval to enroll you in MSR Program.

Retroactive Rebates: For eligible distributors, we have even more good news! You will receive retroactive rebates for orders made in the last 6 months. 

New Customers: New to Idol Memory? When your annual revenue reaches $300,000, you qualify for this program. A nominal annual fee of $100 applies, but the benefits are substantial. Once you make a $10,000 purchase from Idol Memory after the waiting period, you can start applying your rebates to future orders. 

Approval Process

The Rebate Program requires approval from your Distributor organization (parent company). Please note that if your organization is already enrolled in an existing rebate program with Idol Memory, this new program might not be available. We recommend checking with your organization's point of contact to explore your options. At Idol Memory, we are dedicated to strengthening our partnership with you. The MSR Program is a testament to our commitment to your success. 

Thank you for being a vital part of the Idol Memory family.

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